The cynic is going to read that headline and say “Well sure, you’re a real estate agent, its always the best time to sell your house!”. Let’s look at the situation in Barrie real estate right now and decide for yourself. Homes for sale in Barrie are selling lately in no more than five or six days. Thats usually because the owners are holding back offers to give more buyers the chance to come through.
This is creating bidding wars. Lots of bidding wars. Homes are selling fast and for above the asking prices. It’s not at the Toronto level of selling for hundreds of thousands over asking price but tens of thousands over is happening.
So why does this mean that now is the best time to sell your house?
It’s simple. Every time a home goes in a bidding war it means that there are people who lost. People who loved that home enough to get into a bidding war for it. People who loved that neighbourhood. Now imagine the day or two after they lost the home they want to make their forever home, one around the corner pops up for sale? They are going to jump and jump fast. They won’t want to miss out a second time.
That’s why the best time to sell your home could be now. Homes in Barrie are going so fast and in bidding wars. Put your home up for sale, price it right, and get the right marketing and you could put yourself in a position to capitalize on this unique situation. We don’t know when it will end. The market can change at any time. It will most likely remain a sellers market for a while but that doesn’t mean bidding wars will remain as the spring market really ramps up. 
Selling your home in Barrie can be stressful. Having multiple groups bidding on it can make that stress a lot lighter.
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