When I am working with First Time Home Buyers, it is such a rush of excitement I get to feel. I love selling a home to first time home buyers as you get to view homes with fresh eyes and help them through all various aspects of real estate and work together in a cohesive manner to makes sure that the whole process runs smoothly with no hiccups.
Just this past week, one of my clients referred to me their good friends who were first time home buyers. This young couple was such a blast to work with. Not only did they have amazing taste in NHL Hockey Teams (Go Wings Go), they were realistic in what they could purchase and it was fun showing them potential houses, help them learn the pros and cons of each home and neighbourhood, and I worked hard to make sure that they paid the market value price for a home and not go over their budget. 

When you buy your first home, there are so many things you need to think about such as how old is the house, how well has the home been maintained, are there any significant things I should be worried about for resale purposes, etc. Any time you purchase a home that is around the 12 year mark, know that the roof will most likely need to be done in the next couple of years. Take a look at your neighbours to make sure that the street is well maintained and it is a preferred neighbourhood for yourselves. Walking thru homes for the first time, First Time Home Buyer’s can see the potential for a house to be their first home, however, I am there to help point out any deficiencies and issues that you may not notice and the quality of the finishing, as well as point out some of the great features. I want you to have your eyes open to all aspects and conditions of the home before making any decisions so that there are no surprises during the inspection.

I love working with First Time Home Buyers and love helping them achieve their real estate goals and have the sign the acceptance of their very first home. The joy I get when I am able to help them achieve their real estate dreams, is unlike no other and look forward to working with many other First Time Home Buyers throughout the years.