When showing and listings homes in 2021, we noticed a common change happening in a lot of homes, keyless doors! No more worrying about losing keys or having to leave the spare with a neighbour. With a keyless entry system, a unique code can be programmed for each member of the family or even created for anyone coming in for showings! Some models even feature integrated networking and use the entry code to send a text message notification when a specific person arrives home.

With a keyless system, it’s easy to grant temporary access to home-sitters or maintenance people. An emergency code can also be programmed-in and registered with your security company in the event quick access is needed. But there are so many models out there that it’s hard to know when you are choosing the right one.

Here is quick, short and non complicated list of things to look our for when comparing systems:
• Easy to program
• Multiple user codes (at least 5)
• Epoxy-coated keys that don’t show a revealing wear pattern on the digits
• Low battery alert
• ANSI/BHMA certification