The Barrie real estate market has been hot this spring. Like  it’s the middle of the summer, awkward sweat-stain hot. Homes go up for sale and they are selling fast, assuming they’re priced correctly. As homes sell fast it means that we have less and less inventory. Which is just a nice way of saying that we do not have a lot of homes for sale in Barrie compared to demand right now!
What has led to this increase in people buying real estate in Barrie? It’s more than just one reason. Barrie is being increasingly seen as the great city that people want to invest in. Take Colliers Centre for example, despite the issues surrounding it, the developers saw the potential for a massive project like that in Barrie. Now the project is back up and running and should be a great addition to Barrie. 
The Toronto real estate market is another reason the Barrie market is so hot. The drive from Toronto is not that far and the prices of homes here are much more attractive. Barrie is still affordable for young families looking to buy their first homes. In Toronto if you don’t have a million dollars it will be hard to buy anything but a condo! In Barrie, you can obviously buy way more home for way less money
As prices continue to rise in Toronto demand will rise in the Barrie real estate market. More and more are realizing the little extra time on the highway is worth what you can get. 
Taking into account how much is happening in Barrie and many are realizing the benefit is not its proximity to Toronto. Instead, it’s everything that Barrie has to offer that makes it such a great place to live. The demand is not expected to change either. Making any investment in Barrie real estate now likely a great investment down the road.
With the increased demand in Barrie, if you own a home and have thought about selling its an incredible opportunity to get a lot more for your home than you may have paid several years ago. Keep in mind if you’re staying in the Barrie real estate market that any homes you may be moving to have almost most likely gone up!