I want your number! No, I’m not hitting on you. I’m not asking for your phone number. I want your *number*. The number everyone has. The number that in their head its what they need. It’s a wonderful number. One that makes you happy just thinking about it.
The number is the number that if you got offered it you’d sell your house for. Even with no immediate plans to sell, this is the number you’d say “Yes, I’ll move for that, I’ll even move tomorrow!”. That’s the number I want. For some that’s a $50,000 premium on what the home is worth, some its lower and some its so high its unrealistic. No matter what your number is, I want to know it.
If you tell me your number, I can write it down, and when I have someone who would give you your number, I can give you a call. Oops, I guess I do want your phone number too! Still not hitting on you though. 
I’ve seen it time and time again. People have a number in their head. They say to themselves, “if I could get $400,000 for this property I’d move tomorrow.” What they don’t know is the market has actually gone up quite a bit and sometimes they can even get more than $400,000 when they thought best was actually $350,000. 
So tell me, what’s the number you need to get to make you sell your home? We have a lot of buyers looking to buy a home so prices are only going up. Worst case scenario, your number is too high and that’s the end of it. Best case, we get you a lot of money for your house! 
You can email me at heather@yourhouse2hometeam.com and tell me your number! Looking forward to helping you get your number!