What’s most important to you when buying a home? Many things are different for many people. Everybody has a different situation.
If you’ve ever spent time on Realtor.ca you’ll no doubt have noticed that people say almost every home is in one of the most desirable neighbourhoods. What qualifies a home as most desirable? For many that can just depend on what their situation is.
If you’re in the military then the most desirable area is anywhere close to the base. The further you go away from CFB Borden the less desirable the neighbourhood may be no matter how nice it is. When someone says most desirable who are they saying its desirable to? 
Is it families? In the middle of the market the most desirable neighbourhoods are the ones near the best schools. Even each family will have different definitions of what’s the most desirable for them when buying a home in Barrie & Simcoe county. It could be anything from schools, proximity to family or friends, how long of a commute to work, and so much more. 
Some people buying a home will want a neighbourhood that doesn’t have a lot of renters. Others would rather buy in an area with a lot of renters so they can rent out the at home as an investment. 
What’s most important to you? Come up with a list of everything that matters to you. Bring it to your real estate agent. They can then help you find the right home for you in the right area. Don’t just say “nice kitchen” as whats important either. Say why a nice kitchen is important. It will help in the long run!
I’d love to hear in the comments about what you find to be the most important to you when buying a home. I’ve seen simple requests from “close to school” to harder to pull off requests like “only homes that end with an 8” and so many more.
Next time you want to buy a home in Barrie you should make that list of what’s important to you. Doesn’t matter if its big or small, list everything, then decide which ones are the most important. That will make the home buying process even better as it gives your real estate agent the opportunity to scour the city and find homes that match whats most important to you.