There’s a ton of information about making a garden more attractive. But have you ever planted something you thought would be wonderful, only to regret it later? Here are the top 5 plants you’ll definitely want to avoid in your home garden:

Mint – Great in food and makes a wonderful tea, but the roots can take over. If you want mint, plant it in a container.

Bamboo – Yes, it can grow here. But not only can it dominate your yard, if not property contained, it can take over the neighbourhood. If you’re going to try planting it, choose a large landscaping container with very solid walls. And stick with a clumping bamboo species rather than the spreading type.

Amaranthus – It may look stunning but it’s a huge pollen producer. A miserable plant for those who suffer from allergies.

Belladonna – It grows wild and gardeners may be tempted to cultivate this vine because of its lush foliage and beautiful cluster flowers. Beware, this plant is extremely toxic.

Castor Bean – Invasive and poisonous to people and pets. What more should be said?