The holiday season is an amazing time of year!

Family gathers, gifts are exchanged, memories are made and lots of food is cooked! But it’s no surprise to also hear that the holiday season is also when a lot of home fires occur.

Today, we are gonna talk about the heart of the home, The Kitchen. And we are going to give you some tips on how to prevent and what to do if you are but in this steamy situation.

Kitchen fires happen to the best of us

It doesn’t matter how experienced you are or how careful you navigate the space. So, it’s always recommended to be prepared for such occurrence and having a fire extinguisher is a great start! Having a fire extinguisher specifically rated for kitchen fires on hand could keep a small fire from becoming a blaze.

Most kitchen fires start on the stove and often are related to grease. If it’s a frying pan fire, don’t move the pan or try to douse the flames with water – this could spread the fire. Turn off the heat and put a metal lid on the pan to smother the fire. Baking soda will extinguish a grease fire, but only if it’s small. We know cooking around the holiday is extremely busy but try to not leave food unattended for too long. Checking regularly on the yummy food being prepared could give you the chance to spot a fire before it begins.

A couple quick but important notes

Fire extinguishers only work for a few seconds, so if the fire’s not out in that time, leave the area, alert others, and call the fire department. Some extinguishers are designed to last a decade, many inexpensive models aren’t. Don’t ignore your extinguishers give them a look-over when the clocks change to check expiry dates or maintenance tags.