Sometimes people buy a home and after a few months realize its not what they were expecting. It could also be that their situations changed in life and its not what they need anymore. Not everyone stays happy with the home they bought. 
The most common thing we see is when people buy a brand new home from the builder. They walked through a model home, then bought that model off the floor plan alone. When it came time to move in they saw the massive difference all those builder upgrades made in the model home. What they ended up buying can look so much different.
This is often why you see a large turnover in new neighbourhoods as people do not like the home they bought. Combine those people with people who bought homes as investments before it was built and are now selling it for a profit and you can end up with many homes for sale in a given neighbourhood.
So what are your options? If you bought a home and you’re not happy your options are somewhat limited. You have to take a look at your finances. Can you afford to move? Is it cheaper to do some renovations to the home to make it work for you again.
We never what our clients who have bought our home to be unhappy with their purchase. It’s why we’ve instituted our Guaranteed Purchase Program. If you decide in the first year after buying your home that you are unhappy with it we will sell for free. We won’t make a dime off of your home sale!
Obviously a few conditions apply to that, for example, if you’re buying homes to renovate and flip it, this guarantee doesn’t apply to you. This is meant for those who have bought a home, are unhappy with their decision, and want to fix it. 
So if you use The Trevor Shaw & Heather Beauchesne Team to buy your next Barrie and area home you can breathe a little easier knowing that if you end up unhappy with your purchase we will help fix the situation.