Do you want to find out about properties for sale before they hit the market? You may have seen signs for “Coming Soon” before. This often means that the owners are getting it ready for sale and it will be available in the near future to buy.
Most of the time these properties for sale in Barrie are only advertised ahead of time with the coming soon sign on the lawn. With how the market is going homes are selling in the first couple days on the market. Its happening very fast. Is there a better way to find out about properties coming on the market soon? 
Our team always have homes that are at various stages of getting ready to be listed. So I’m going to start a service where you can get notice once we know when homes are going to be on the market. This way you can make sure you are one of the first through the door when it becomes available. 
Now you won’t have to worry about not seeing any homes for sale. This will definitely help with buying your next home. The faster homes are selling the more advanced notice you have of homes coming up for sale the better your position to compete will be.
This service will be launching very soon. If you would like to join the waitlist for this service just click on the button below and we’ll add your name to the list so when we start sending out notices you’ll be already signed up! 

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