If you’re like most people, you can’t get your morning started without a cup of coffee to wake you up. You might also want one in the afternoon or when you’re relaxing on the weekends with friends and family.
Whether you’re an espresso guy or a cappuccino gal, finding a coffee shop you love is important. Use this guide to find the top 5 coffee shops in Barrie for your morning fix, afternoon craving or weekend buzz.

  1. Hamley’s Tea & Coffee Company

Located on Minet’s Point Road, Hamley’s Tea & Coffee Company has the reputation of a serious coffee drinker’s coffee shop. From high-quality espresso drinks to top-notch loose-leaf teas, Hamley’s is ideal for coffee lovers in the area.
Hamley’s also roasts their own coffee on site. This allows you to take a bag home that was prepared pretty much the same day. Hamley’s teas and coffees also make great gifts for friends and family.

  1. Barrie Bean Counter

This is an intimate coffee shop in a relatively small space. They won’t give you any snobbery or pretension when you come in the door. This is because customer service is #1 at Barrie Bean Counter.
Barrie Bean Counter serves locally roasted Balzac coffee. You’ll also find a variety of snacks and small bites if you find yourself famished.

  1. Lazy Tulip Café

Lazy Tulip Café may be better known for their food than their coffee. However, at heart, they’ve always been a coffee shop making high-quality brews. From your morning cappuccino to the perfect iced coffee on a hot summer day, Lazy Tulip Café has you covered.
Great sandwiches, salads and desserts are also available.

  1. Marty’s Coffee Bistro

To many Barrie locals, Marty’s Coffee Bistro is known as one of the best places to get a great cup of coffee. Specialty coffee drinks, from sweet treats top espresso, are really the name of the game here.
Marty’s also serves a variety of delicious food, from pastries to lunchtime sandwiches.

  1. Coffee Culture Café & Eatery

Coffee Culture Café & Eatery might be a chain in Barrie, but with unique décor and a real coffeehouse look, regulars feel like their coffee shop is the only one in town. With ample seating and freshly roasted coffee, Coffee Culture Café & Eatery is a must-try.
They also serve light fare, snacks and sweets in case you find yourself in need of a bite to eat with your java.
A good cup of coffee is worth its weight in gold when you’ve got a craving. Try any of these five coffee shops to get your java fix in Barrie.