Open Houses to some people are almost like a hobby. Every weekend they check out whats available and they are off. Not everyone goes that often though. Some of you are new to “the game”. So for those who are new to open houses then this article is for you!
Here are the Top 3 Things to Know about Open Houses:
The Agent Doesn’t Represent You
The home owner is represented by the listing agent. The listing agent is the one hosting the open house on behalf of the seller. They are legally required to look after the best interests of the seller,  even above their own interests. This means that whatever you say or do in the open house the agent hosting it is legally required to use that information to further the interests of the seller. Some exceptions to that apply with regards to general privacy rules but assume they are there to help the home owner and not you. 
They Are Trying to Get New Clients
While the agent hosting the open house is there  to sell the home that’s not the only reason. The other reason is to get new clients. Much of the traffic coming through an open house is people who don’t currently have representation. This is prime opportunity to build their business. 
So say you see a home for sale in Barrie that’s having an open house and you decide to attend. They are going to ask if you are represented by an agent. The first reason is if you are it changes how they are legally allowed to talk to you. If you are not represented they are going to try and convince you to hire them. This is a great way to potentially find the agent you want to work with but don’t feel pressure to think that you have to work with the person at the open house. You have to work with whoever you think will do the best job for you!
They Might Be Watching You
You could probably go to many stores in Barrie and surrounding area and pick up the necessary equipment to install cameras in your home. Some people do this when they put their home up for sale. The most common reason is they want to make sure if someone steals anything when they are viewing the home they can catch it on camera. The second reason though is some like to put it up to get information. When buyers walk through homes they often talk about what they’d pay for the home and other factors that may affect them come negotiation time.
Anytime you go into someones house its best to assume they can hear you. Don’t say anything in the house you wouldn’t say directly to the owners or their agent. Always assume inside the house they may be watching and listening. 
If you’re selling your home and considering installing cameras then please speak to a lawyer first about the legality of recording people. Even though its your home there may be laws preventing some aspects of it and you need to acquaint yourself with them before doing it.
So there you have it, The Top 3 Things to Know about Open Houses. Every weekend you can find a lot of Open Houses throughout Barrie and the surrounding area. Plenty of homes for sale and options to choose from so get out there and learn the market!