You may love your home and never want to leave. However, sometimes you just have to sell your home. So let’s take a look at the Top 3 reasons it may be time to sell your home.
Size Matters
Most often the reason people move is due to the size of the home and it no longer being what you need. This does not always mean that you are a growing family and need more space. It could be the other side of it too. Now its just you or you and your significant other and you want a smaller home now. 
Peoples lives change a lot over the course of 5, 10, or 15+ years. Your needs change, your lifestyle changes, and sometimes the need for a different home to match it does too. Do you keep running out of places to store things you own? Too many people sleeping in one room? That may be a sign you need to get a bigger home. On the flip side of that if you realize you haven’t even gone into one of the rooms of your house in months or longer (Except to clean…hopefully) then maybe its time you need to downsize.
Size is one of the main reasons that people move, whether thats upsizing or downsizing your home.
Neighbourhood Changes
As neighbourhoods age they can often change. This change can be for better and sometimes for the worse. These changes will mean that some people will want to move. On the extreme side of this it could be because crime rates have skyrocketed and you need to leave. Not a big concern here in Barrie right now fortunately. More realistically though its smaller things that may make someone decide to move. Demographics can change, for instance many young families like to be in neighbourhoods with other young families. So what if you bought in a neighbourhood and then slowly the demographics changed and you are the only young family left in the area? That may signal its time to move.
Perhaps its more about development in the area. Did you buy a home backing on to a golf course and then the golf course gets sold and now you are going to have homes in your backyard? That’s happening right now in Newmarket with Glenway and even the famed Glen Abbey Golf Course in Oakville is being eyed for redevelopment right now. These changes can impact your desire to live in the neighbourhood.
Changes to neighbourhoods generally happen slowly and you can see the trends and decide where you want to go. Change is one of the few certainties in life and sometimes you will need to either adapt or move on!
The “Oops” factor when people need to move. This often happens when buying new construction and you are buying off just floorpans and model home. It still happens from time to time with resale homes but thats a lot more rare since people are going through the home before buying it.
People will often buy a home after just seeing floor plans and walking through the model home and then when they finally get the home they want its not actually the same at all. That model home they fell in love with had all the upgrades, more windows, and a layout that had just enough minor changes to make a big enough difference.
This is one of the big reasons you see a lot of turnover in new subdivisions, the other being people who bought the home as an investment before it was built and are now trying to flip. So if you bought a home and quickly realized its not for you, then it may be time to sell your home.
Selling your home is a stressful decision and for many of you, you’ll have very different reasons for selling. Whether its for one of the common ones above or a job change, relationship change, or something else. It’s stressful and means a big change in your life.
Make sure to hire someone you are comfortable working with who you believe will look after your best interests.