Well moms and dads, it’s that time again……March Break…..an entire week of trying to figure out what in the heck to do with your kiddos so they don’t get bored………and then drive you crazy LOL

As a mother of 2 boys, I wanted to blog about some things you can do with your kids in the Barrie area over the break, so they stay happy and you stay sane! (Let’s be honest, there’s only so much wine you can drink before people start asking questions)

Stay Fit

If you’re looking for things to do with kids to keep them fit (or exhausted whatever term works for you) there are a couple of options to look at. First let’s talk about the ones that will cost you a few bucks.  If your kids love trampolines, Vertical Zone is the place to be over this March break.  Over the March break, they will be open for public jumping from 10am to 9pm on Monday to Saturday and 11am to 3pm on Sunday. This is a popular place so make sure you call ahead to book your reservation!  Next on the list is Smart Moves. I love this place! Once you’re in, your kids can’t get out without you, so mom or dad, grab a drink and a magazine, make yourself comfortable and let the kids run loose! I can’t guarantee your kids won’t beg you to run through some of the play areas, as they are adult friendly, but it’s totally worth it!  Another great location is Bulldog Fitness. Here, your kids can do an number of activities that will include fitness and education. This place is designed for children with relentless amounts of energy! My boys have a blast here and always work up a great combination of sweat and smiles.


If your child prefers to do something a little more artsy, Creative Cafe offers a fantastic workshop for kids, and adults, to paint their own pottery! Very cool to be able to design something and take it home.  The Maclaren Arts Centre offers several different kid friendly programs through out the year for those more interested in art related activities. Check out their website to see what is currently being offered. 

The Good Stuff…….The Freebies

Yes moms and dads, entertaining your children over the March Break can get pricey! If you’re looking for a few things to do that wont set you back, here are some options.  My boys absolutely LOVE going to Big Al’s and checking out all of the different types of fish they have on display! No joke, we kill well over an hour in there checking everything out and asking questions lol.  On Tuesday nights they even do a shark feeding! This doesn’t sound like anything overly thrilling, but let me assure you……the kids go bananas over it!  If you’re lucky enough to have a sunny, and only slightly cool day over the break, take the kids to either Centennial or Sunnidale Park! These parks offer several large play areas and tons of real estate for the kids to run around like the little lunatics they are.  Pack a lunch and some hot chocolate and your kids (and you) will enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.  Do your kids love firetrucks? My youngest does! Take the kids to your local fire station to meet the fire fighters and check out the trucks and equipment! Many stations are happy to welcome visitors in to take a peek around (especially little visitors).  The Dunlop Street Headquarters even features antique trucks and equipment in it’s own little museum, this is a guaranteed “win” for mom and dad!  

My next suggestion isn’t free, BUT, it’s on the cheaper end at $6 for adults and $4 for kids (preschoolers are free). What is this place you ask?! It’s the Simcoe County Museum located on Hwy 26! My eldest son recently had a school trip here around Christmas time and I was impressed! I honestly had no idea the museum offered up such a great collection (lesson learned). You can easily make a day of this by taking the kids here and enjoying everything they have to offer indoors AND out! 

Day Camps

Lastly, the city of Barrie offers numerous day camps to keep the kids busy. Check out their website to see what is currently being offered (as it does change from time to time). The kids can enjoy indoor day camps, swimming and plenty more!

We’ve included the links to places mentioned above at the bottom of this blog. Check them out!

Here’s hoping some of my suggestions help you to enjoy some family time over the March Break and keep the kids occupied! Heather and I both wish you a safe and happy March Break!

Good Luck!

The Admin