Things to Consider when Buying a New Home from a Builder
If you’re in the market for a new home, you might want to consider purchasing a new construction house. Buying a new construction house will generally allow you to customize it to your needs. This will ensure that the money you spend will be invested on features you actually want. However, the following are things to consider before buying moving forward with the idea.

The builder’s reputation

Do a little research into the reputation of the builder before you decide to invest. If you work with a builder that has a poor reputation, you may end up with a poorly constructed house. You may also end up getting taken advantage of on the financial side of things. In addition to online research, inquire with homeowners who have experience with the builder.
The upgrades you want
When you walk through a model home, keep in mind that it doesn’t represent exactly what your house will look like. Model homes usually boast all of the different upgrades that are available. Just remember these usually come at a high cost.
However, you can often negotiate with builders. While they won’t typically lower the price of the house, they may be willing to include upgrades into the purchase price.
The future of the neighbourhood
Before investing in a new construction, look into the neighbourhood. How conveniently is it located? Does the neighbourhood have easy access to a major road and to certain amenities? Is it located in a good school district? Additionally, find out what the plans are for the surrounding area in the future. This could affect the value of your new house.
The new construction warranty

Every new home construction comes with a warranty. However, what the warranty actually covers can vary from one builder to the other. Be sure that you understand what’s covered in the warranty that’s offered. If there’s something missing, you can potentially negotiate to have it included.
A professional home inspection
A common mistake that homebuyers make is to assume a new home construction will be in perfect shape. It doesn’t matter if the house is a hundred years old or a hundred days old, you should always get a professional home inspection. There can still be things wrong with the house due to poor construction, workmanship or building mistakes.
A new home construction can be a great investment. Just be sure to consider the above before you make the decision to invest in one.