“And now, it’s time for the Hearth and Home Realty Chat!” At this point you may have some questions, such as…

“What exactly is the Realty Chat?”

“What should I expect from a Realty Chat?”

“Where can I hear the Realty Chat?”

All of these are perfectly valid questions, fortunately we have all the answers – and more.

Both Heather Beauchesne and Mariale Schrobback from the Hearth and Home Team Realty have partnered with the Corus radio stations Big 101 and Fresh 93.1 to bring an interview format radio program to the Barrie and area market titled the Hearth and Home Realty Chat. The Realty Chat interview program will run twice each month on Friday’s. No worries about tuning in at a specific time as the show runs multiple times throughout the day, so just turn on the station you prefer and soon enough the Realty Chat will find you!

In addition to this, both Big 101 and Fresh 93.1 will be promoting the Realty Chats for the entire week leading up to the shows, so you won’t have to guess which Friday they are running on. Each Realty Chat will feature either Heather or Mariale as they share information, advice, knowledge and expertise when it comes to all things real estate as well as the real estate market in general.

So why did the team at Hearth and Home Team Realty decide to take on this project? For one reason and one reason only.

To give back to the Barrie and area community.

For years Heather and Mariale and the entire team at Hearth and Home brokerage has called Barrie and the surrounding area home. Beyond this, Barrie and Simcoe Country has provided all of us with countless professional opportunities and blessings. So in an effort to try to repay this we felt these interviews were the perfect way to give back to the community that has been so good to us. If along the way we can help make listeners more savvy when it comes to real estate, that’s even better.

As mentioned, there will be two interviews each month, and each interview will cover different topics. The discussions in the radio interviews will vary, but each show will all revolve around real estate, and more specifically Barrie real estate whenever possible. This could include anything from financing options, tips on how to make your home more desirable to buyers, selling and buying tactics, property maintenance ideas and whatever else we think you the listeners will enjoy.

If you own, or someday plan to own a home, you’ll definitely enjoy these. So having said all of that, we hope you’ll be able to tune into either Fresh 93.1 or Big 101 for one of our Friday shows, and we hope you’ll enjoy these shows as much as well enjoy making them!

Sincerely, Heather and Mariale!