As we shake off the cold season many of us begin to examine our homes inside out. Doing this usually leads to the creation of a long list of Spring to-dos. But what are the benefits of this?  Is it just more than just keeping our homes in the best shape possible? Yes! There are some huge benefits to consistent seasonal maintenance.

• Enhances Value: Keeping everything in “top condition” means that you enjoy a comfortable home while you live there, and when it comes time to sell, there are likely no urgent or costly issues that need attention before it goes on the market.
• Improves Appearance: A yard free of winter debris, a home with a fresh coat of paint, trimmed trees and shrubs all add to curb appeal.
• Offers Protection: Removing dead tree limbs, cleaning gutters and re-sealing windows and doors means that when a summer storm hits, your home is ready.
• Helps Identify issues: As you look around your place see what needs regular upkeep and what needs immediate attention. That way it’s easier to plan and budget.
• Reduces Long Term Expenses: Taking care of “little things” as they arise reduces that chance that there will be a large repair bill. For instance, Washing, cleaning, and waxing your garage door annually extends its longevity and performance.

Speaking of spring… check the garage door springs, too. If they’re loose or damaged, contact a professional garage door specialist to have them serviced.