Buying and selling a home can conjure up some hair-raising situations. 

But just like anything, facing those fears head-on is key to keeping them in their place and you moving forward. 

With that in mind, here are a few spooky scenarios and how we keep our clients calm, cool, and hardly breaking a sweat.

1) Buying and selling at the same time – No doubt it’s a balancing act, but things like bridge loans, leasebacks, and contingencies help facilitate the process.

2) Inspection surprises – Discovering hidden issues during an inspection does happen, but with our expertise and a team of dedicated local professionals in our back pocket, we’ll head off problems early on so you can steer clear of unsettling surprises.

3) Low appraisals – Low appraisals are nightmares for buyers and sellers, but second opinions, renegotiating the price, or making up the difference out of pocket can bail buyers out of hairy situations in no time.

4) Contingencies – Sometimes a buyer’s offer is contingent on the sale of their existing home. This can stall the sales process but have no fear, we’re well versed in contingencies and will guide you through.

5) Death by paperwork – Transaction paperwork can feel like a never-ending maze of forms and contracts, but we do the heavy lifting, and we’ll breeze through it with ease.

6) Closing conundrums – The final stages of closing can be tense, with unexpected delays and last-minute expenses. The good news is we’ve seen it all and can smooth out the bumps to ensure a painless and panic-free closing.

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