Updating the Outlets? Add USB.

Bringing your home into modern times can be really simple and inexpensive. Since most gadgets and now most appliances use a USB charger, consider installing electrical outlets with built-in USB charging capability. Here is why?

  • Charge your smartphones and tablets quickly.
  • Eliminate the unsightly power brick that’s usually used.
  • Free-up electrical outlets for lighting and appliances

Three considerations when updating to this type of electrical outlet:

1) Power. Do the USB plugs offer enough power to quickly charge your devices?

2) USB-A & USB-C connections. Most charging cables are USB-A, the rectangle shape. Newer devices are shipping with USB-C, the oval shape. Check which type of cables you have.

3) Charging speed. Look for an outlet that can power both USB charging plugs simultaneously at their maximum rated wattage.

CAUTION: When installing this type of outlet in a kitchen or bathroom be sure to select one that also has Ground Fault Circuit interruption (GFCI) protection to reduce the risk of electrical shock in wet locations.