Are you thinking of selling your home during the holidays?

 Are you wondering if you should sell your home during the holidays or perhaps listing your home for sale after the start of the new year?  Many home owners wonder if the holidays are a good time to sell, and in all honesty, especially in the Simcoe Real Estate Market, there is never a bad time to sell your home.

Listing your home for sale during the holidays won’t be as busy as a normal market due to so many people having so many other priorities in their lives, like preparing for the holiday meals, presents, Santa Claus, Elf on the Shelf, etc however this time of year, there is a lower amount of inventory so the buyers who are out there, who are a lot more serious, because who really wants to buy during the holidays, have fewer options, giving you a better chance to sell. It may not seem like the most ideal time, but it does have its benefits.

  • Inventory is low during the holidays, so while you may not end up in a bidding war, you may be able to command a higher price.
  • Buyers tend to be more serious during the holidays.
  • You can make your house comfy and homey during the holidays, creating an emotional connection for buyers.
  • The holidays may be a time for potential buyers to consider job transfers of what they hope to do the following year, perhaps expand the family.

Whatever the reason, don’t discount the holidays because serious buyers won’t have an endless list of homes from which to choose so there’s more time for them to focus on yours. Furthermore, the limited range of options available to a buyer means you may be able to receive a higher price on your home.

If you stage your home properly, and price it right, you could attract the perfect buyer and be on your way out the door into a brand new home and get that next chapter of your life, with a brand new year begun.

The Warm & Cozy Feeling of the Holidays

 Something wonderful about the holidays is that cozy feeling that you get when you enter a home that is nicely decorated.   There is also that sense of community when many of the neighbours have decorated their home with beautiful lights and inflatables, and giving you that homey feeling.  Some people may argue that looking at a house in the winter is hard as you cannot see the actual landscape of the property,  what is hidden under all the snow, how does the roof look etc, but if you upkeep the exterior of the home, the sidewalks free and clear of snow and ice, it can conjure many emotional feelings, thinking the following holidays,  it could be you and your family decorating the home.


During the spring, there is a lot more foot traffic in houses and so sometimes, people are rushing in and out of houses so that they can see the list of all the available homes in a timely manner.   The winter brings a calmness to showings.

Sell Your Home Year Round, Holidays or Not

Whether you want to sell your home during the holidays, or after the holidays, there will always be a buyer for your home as long as you listen to your agent, stage it properly, price it accordingly and upkeep the property.    You may not want to be listed over the holidays & that is okay as well, but there is never a bad time to sell your home.

Even with a pandemic in our world, there is still a massive amount of buyers out there waiting to get in to a home!   If you sell your home in December or January, most closings are 45 + days away so there is still time for you to enjoy the holidays at home, while waiting for that buyer to offer you the right price & get you ready for a new home in a brand new year.

Happy Holidays from your local Barrie & Area, Simcoe County Real Estate Team

Heather Beauchesne & Mariale Schrobback

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