seating and storageDesigning your home’s interior takes a lot of careful thought and planning to do properly. For example, you’ll want to make sure that you have plenty of seating and storage options throughout your home. A lack of seating can make your home less comfortable and could mean that you have to add more seating in rooms where there’s little space available. A lack of storage options will generally result in a cluttered and disorganized home.
Keeping that in mind, the following are a few seating and storage ideas that you should consider implementing into your home design.

Seating Ideas For Your Home

The following are a few ideas for adding seating outside the obvious couches and dining room chairs:

  • Ottomans – Ottomans can serve several purposes. For example, you can use an ottoman instead of a coffee table in your living room. This allows you to convert it to a seating option if needed.
  • Decorative chairs – Look for chairs that will add to the visual flair of your space without becoming a focal point. While you want them to be comfortable, their main purpose should be as decorative items that will help spruce up the look of your home. Fortunately, because they are still chairs, you can make use of them when you need extra seating.
  • Benches – Benches don’t take up a lot of visual space and can be tucked into a lot of nooks and crannies, especially in the entryway.

Storage Ideas For Your Home

The following are a few ways that you can add more storage options to your home without taking up too much space:

  • Wall shelving – One of the easiest ways to add more storage solutions to your home without taking up more space is by attaching free floating shelves to your walls.
  • Furniture with storage capabilities – There are many types of furniture that come with storage solutions built in. For example, some bed frames come with drawers built underneath that can be used to store extra sheets and pillowcases. Coffee tables and ottomans are often designed with storage capabilities as well.
  • Door racks – There are all kinds of door racks that can be attached to the other side of your closet or cabinet doors (so that they are out of view) that can store a variety of items, from spices in the kitchen to shoes in the closet.
  • Banquette cubbies – Banquettes are not only a great way to add seating by your windows, but you can use the space beneath for storage. Build cubbies beneath your banquette and you can use it for your books or records.

These are just a few seating and storage ideas that can help add both function and flair to your home’s interior design.