Preparing your home for back to schoolIt’s almost that time again, and if you’re like a lot of parents, you’re starting to get your kids ready to hit the books hard. Outfitting your kids with the right supplies like notebooks, backpacks and clothes is important, but there’s plenty to do at home if you want to give your kids a leg up on the school year. A great way to do this is by preparing your home for back to school. 
Use this guide to help you prepare your home for another year of school. After all, if you want your kids to succeed in the classroom you need to do your part at home.
Create a Comfortable Workspace
The first day or two after you child goes back to school will feel like a breeze. They’ll be getting their class schedules,learning about their new teachers and getting more information about what they’ll be learning this school year. After that first few days though the homework is going to start rolling in.
For students, having a comfortable workspace where they can tackle homework assignments like solving math problems or even that planning our that science project is essential. If you tend to help your child with their more difficult homework – or you just like to be nearby when they work – you’ll need a workspace for two.
Many parents choose to create a workspace that’s available to all of their kids if they have more than one. While the dining room table might work in a pinch, that sort of makeshift space can get messy in a hurry.
Find an area where you can create a dedicated workspace in your home. For older kids, that could be in their room as well as in a shared area.
Organize Your Pantry
Giving your kids a good breakfast is an ideal way to start the day. In many schools, it’s easily three or four hours from the time the morning bell sounds until lunch. For growing kids who are focused on learning, that can feel like a long time.
If you send your kids to school with lunch, organizing your pantry also makes meal preparation faster and easier. Parents with one, two or even more children will find that taking a few hours to organize the pantry before the school year and stock up on fan favorites makes each morning more efficient.
You’ll also want to add some after school snacks to that pantry! All that learning is bound to leave your kids hungry.
Help Your Child Update Their Room
Even if your child doesn’t study in their room, helping them with a little update can make the school year feel more exciting. You don’t have to spend a lot, but look to switch out or improve on bedding and decorative items.
Accessories like globes and framed maps also make great additions to your child’s room this time of year.
Get your kids back to school on the right foot with these tips. Then all you have to do is get them out of bed before they’re late for class!