It’s to no one surprise that online shopping has become second nature to most of us. But with the flexibility of shopping from the comfort of your bed also comes the big risk of getting robbed. The holiday season is high time for Porch Thieves to steal your purchases. The nightly news often shows home surveillance videos with thieves walking up to porches and taking packages away in broad daylight.


Here are some amazing tips to get what’s to be left at your door:

• Be home for scheduled deliveries.
• Get packages delivered to your workplace.
• Ask a trusted neighbour or friend who is home during the day, if your package can be delivered to their home.
• Use real time tracking.
• Request signature upon delivery or ask the shipper to hold the package at their facility for you to pick up.
• If purchasing items from a retailer’s website, check if packages can be sent to the local store for pick up.
• Provide the shipper with delivery instructions if you want your packages left in a specific spot at your home.
• Choose to have your purchase delivered to a lockbox or pick-up point.
• If you do a lot of online shopping, you may want to check-out a Package Lockbox for your porch. And yes, amazingly you can find these of all places – on