Are you planning on selling your Barrie area home? If you are, then don’t be too hasty to put it up on the market. There are a few things that you may want to do before you list your home. The following are a few tips you may want to consider in order to prepare your house for sale:preparing to sell your home in barrie

  • Get a home inspection – Any buyer that shows interest in your home is going to get a home inspection. The home inspection will reveal any minor or major issues that could affect your home’s value. You won’t want to be taken by surprise, so make sure you get a home inspection before you put your house up for sale so that you will know if there’s anything wrong with your property.
  • Make all necessary repairs – Pay to have any problems with your home repaired. Even minor repairs, such as loose handrails or doorknobs, should be addressed. Buyers are not going to want to invest in a home that is going to require them to pay even more money to make repairs. And small issues, like loose doorknobs, are just going to make a poor impression on them, even if they don’t cost that much to fix.
  • Improve your curb appeal – Many buyers are going to drive right past your home if it doesn’t look good on the outside. Put some effort into the landscaping and hardscaping of your property so that it is aesthetically pleasing. If the paint on your house is beginning to show its age, repaint it.
  • Clean your home from top to bottom – You want buyers to feel comfortable when they walk around your home. If they don’t feel comfortable, they’re going to have a hard time picturing themselves living there – even if the house in itself is perfect for them. To ensure their comfort, do a thorough cleaning. You may even want to hire a cleaning service to make sure that your house is as clean as possible.
  • Depersonalize your home – Buyers are going to have a tough time imagining themselves living in your house if you have pictures of your family up all over the place. Depersonalize your house so that potential buyers don’t feel like they are invading someone else’s space.
  • Declutter your home – When cleaning your home, don’t forget to declutter. Clutter not only makes a house feel less clean, it can also make it feel smaller. Clutter isn’t just stacks of bills and magazines, it can also be your furniture. For example, if your living room is packed with furniture, it may feel smaller than it actually is.
  • Then call us – Your House 2 Home real estate team will sure that your home is properly priced and effectively marketed. Additionally, we can provide advice on preparing your house for sale and help you find motivated buyers.

Before you decide to officially put your house up for sale in Barrie, Ontario, use these tips to make sure your home is prepared to sell.