Heading Away for an end of Summer Vacation? Prepare Your Home!

Vacation is all about fun and relaxation. Here’s a simple checklist to help reduce the worry about what’s happening at home while you’re away.

  • Turn off all electrical appliances.
  • Remove perishable food from the refrigerator and take out the garbage.
  • Arrange to have the newspaper and mail held until your return or have them picked up by a friend or neighbour.
  • Arrange to have the grass cut and outdoor plants watered.
  • Leave your vacation contact information with a neighbour so you can be reached in case of an emergency.
  • Set timers on interior lights.
  • Make sure to unplug televisions, computers, and appliances susceptible to power surges.
  • Advise your alarm company and local police if you will be gone for an extended period.
  • Store jewellery and valuable items in a safe-deposit box.
  • Shut off the water at the main supply.
  • Never leave your house key hidden outside of the home.
  • Consider a Home Security TV Light Simulator (available on amazon.ca) so at night it seems like someone is at home watching TV