Three Eggs, Over Easy, Bacon, Crispy, White Bread & Coffee…. I sure missing going out and saying that order…

That is my usual go to breakfast when Mariale & I treat ourselves to a work meeting at our favorite local breakfast restaurant that is around the corner from our office, and sadly since the Co-vid19 pandemic, with all restaurants being closed, I am currently reminiscing on the delicious meal & company I dearly miss.

Once every couple of weeks, Mariale & I like to have our office meetings at this delicious & super friendly restaurant called FlapJacks.  The food is delicious, they offer an amazing Gluten Free bread (Mariale literally tried to purchase an entire loaf from the owners!) for those who are gluten free, the atmosphere is cozy & the service is quick & friendly.  I also can’t say enough about their home made jam!  They are located on Mapleview in the plaza which is also home to Domino’s pizza & the Hasty Market.

Over the years, depending on where our work takes us, Mariale & I have gone to various restaurants across Barrie that offer delicious brunch services.  Breakfast is said to be your most important meal and so if we miss it due to a crazy morning, we do enjoy a treat meal.

Another restaurant that we have been a fan of is Jack’s Pancake Factory , Flashback Diner &  Sunset Grill.

What are some of your favorite local restaurants?