Guess what? People want to buy your house. Inventory, aka homes currently for sale in Barrie, is low and some of my clients have been unable to find a home that is suited to their needs. So now comes the next phase of the home search, finding them homes that are not currently listed for sale in Barrie.
So how do we find that? By letting people know what we are looking for. Then if you think your home could potential fit just get in touch and we will help organize a showing.
So what’s the benefit to you? Well you get someone who can buy your home for starters. You also do not have to go through the process involved in doing the work to get your home ready for sale, having dozens of strangers walking through your home, sometimes at very short notice, and having to constantly keep it perfectly clean.
So here is what my clients who haven’t been able to find a home to buy in Barrie and surrounding area are looking for:
1. I have buyers who would prefer to live in the south end of Barrie and are looking to spend under $285,000. They don’t mind townhouses but preferably not a condo. Is willing to consider areas other than south end of Barrie but has a strong preference for buying a home in the south end.
2. Another buyer of mine is looking to buy a country home about 15 minutes outside of Barrie. They are willing to spend up to $550,000 for 3 or more bedrooms and at least 2,000 square feet of living space. They would also consider buying a home within Barrie itself if its as in a smaller subdivision and had a treed lot. 
3. One client is looking to buy a home in Bradford or south of Bradford and willing to spend up to $330,000 if the home has a garage. 
4. Finally, I have two separate clients who are looking to purchase investment properties in Barrie. Ideally they would be near the college but that is not a necessity. 
 If you own a home and are planning a move in 2016 or would just consider moving for the right offer then please reach out to me!

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