move or renovateIf your current home isn’t meeting your family’s needs in one way or another, then you may be thinking about moving to a new house. However, you may be able to meet those needs by staying in your current home and investing in renovations instead. The following will help you decide whether you’re better off renovating your home or moving to a different house altogether.

Moving to a New House

Moving to a new house is a big expense, not to mention a time-consuming process. You’ll need to spend time researching new homes as well as visiting them in person. Additionally, you’ll have to put your current home up on the market and the process of selling a house can be quite challenging in itself. This means that you should make sure that whatever problems you have with your current house can’t be solved through renovation. The following are a few of the reasons why moving may be your best option:
You don’t want to renovate – Renovations can be time-consuming, expensive and stressful. For some people, it may not be worth it, especially if they want to give their home a major overhaul. Remember, there will be workers walking through your home performing loud work that can be very disruptive to your household.
What you want can’t be added via renovation – Maybe you want a garage where you can park your car or a yard where your kids can play. If your current home doesn’t have these features and there’s no space on your property to build onto, then moving is the only option you have.
You want to live in a new neighborhood – No amount of renovating can change where you live. If you don’t like the neighborhood you live in or want to move to another neighborhood for other reasons (such as to get into a better school district or to shorten your commute to work), then you’ll want to move.
It’s more cost-efficient to move – Your house may need more than just cosmetic changes. It may need major repairs that will cost you a substantial amount of money. In such a case, you might decide that moving may make more sense than renovating from a financial perspective.

Renovating Your Current Home

For many people, moving is a last resort. It’s simply too time-consuming and expensive to move unless they really have to. Fortunately, a lot of the problems that you might have with your current home could potentially be solved via renovation. The following are a few reasons why renovating may be the best option for you:
You just want cosmetic updates – If you just want an aesthetic overhaul, then it’s going to make a lot more sense to just renovate your current home to your liking.
You have the time – It takes time to make major renovations, especially when taking into account the time you’ll need for planning and organizing, not to mention the construction stages of the renovation.
You’re up for the challenge – Major renovations often require you to make a lot of decisions. You should be prepared to run into hiccups along the way that require quick decision making as well.
You want complete control – Moving into a new house is just going to provide another set of issues since no home is perfect. Renovating allows you to have complete control over every detail of the project.
If there’s something about your home that you want to change, your options are to either move or to renovate. Deciding whether to move or renovate depends on your unique situation and what your needs are.