Military Relocation

IRP/DND Brookfield Relocations Approved Real Estate Agent

If you are a member of the Canadian Military or are transferring to or from CFB Borden, I, Heather Beauchesne of RE/MAX, have all the information, experience, and special skills necessary to help you in your move to make it as seamless and headache free as possible.

I specialize in Military and Armed Forces Relocations and have the necessary knowledge and experience to either sell your home for top-dollar, or help you find the home you need while staying within your budget.

If you are looking for an approved Real Estate Agent who services CFB Borden & its military personnel. I am an approved supplier to the DND and RCMP/IRP program, officially called Brookfield Global Relocation Services.

Serving the military and assisting them with their military transfers is a privilege and an honour to me. Growing up in a family with two parents who served (both have finally retired!), and many other family members currently serving in the military, I am proud to be one of the authorized real estate sales representatives in Angus/Borden assisting with Canadian Military relocations to and from Canadian Forces Base Borden. I have extensive knowledge of DND/IRP practices and many years of experience assisting military families. As an Authorized Military Relocation Representative in Borden, my military clients have come to expect quality service from me that begins long before their house hunting trip.

I am dedicated to looking after my clients of Buyers & Sellers who are looking to purchase in any of the surrounding townships around Base Borden, including Wasaga Beach, Clearview, Essa, New Tecumseth, Barrie, Springwater, Adjala & Others. I have a very systemized program to ensure we are kept organized and to help you navigate through the paperwork during a very stressful time in your lives.

With the HHT only allowing such a short time to purchase a home, I work with you very closely to try to remove some of the stresses involved with one of the most stressful experiences in one’s lifetime.

No matter what stage you are at, give me a call or send me an e-mail. I am never too busy to help those who are serving our country.

Military IRP/DND Brookfield Approved Suppliers

You have just received your posting message and out on your house hunting trip (HHT) and looking for a qualified well respected & well-known company that will get your proper results, here are a few suppliers that I have continuously used throughout the years:

Home Inspectors

Homeworks Inspections
Located in Angus, Ontario

Legacy Inspections
Located in Barrie

Pillar to Posts
Located in Barrie, Ontario

Lawyers – DND – IRP Relocation

As a member of the Canadian Armed Forces, you are entitled to have many of the expenses of your sale and your purchase (and your move, house hunting trip etc.) reimbursed.

Feehely Gastaldi – Located in Alliston

The office is located in the heart of Alliston & a second office is located in Tottenham. With a long history in the community and the drive and expertise for continued success in the future, the lawyers and staff at Feehely Gastaldi are committed to providing both professional excellence and personal service to their clients. ​ Please click here for more details.

Tracy Garton LL.B (Hons); LL.MLocated in Toronto | Email:

Tracy Garton of Chancery Law Office is located on Toronto, ON, however they offer virtual services which makes the transition smooth and efficient. Services offered in English & French. Special pricing for military personnel, RCMP and their immediate families. Services available as a TPSP on the BGRS preferred vendor list for all of Ontario. Please click here for more details.

Wall Armstrong & Green,  Victoria Schut –  Located in Barrie | Email

Please access their website here. The office consists of four lawyers, two law clerks and four staff supporting a busy practice specializing in these same areas of real estate, estate planning and administration, and corporate law. Located in the Allandale area of Barrie, Wall-Armstrong & Green remains a local firm committed to excellence in service to our clients.

House Hunting Trip Checklist Base Borden

Your IRP/DND Military Transfer House Hunting Trip (HHT) List

After you have received notification that you are being posted to CFB Borden, to make the House Hunting Trip as smooth as possible please view the list below. Don’t forget to hire Heather Beauchesne as your Military Transfer House Hunting Trip Real Estate Agent for CFB Borden. (How’s that for subtle?)

Heather Beauchesne and her team are committed to our Military personnel. We are qualified and dedicated to ensuring that your posting in or out of CFB Borden & Grey & Simcoe Forresters is as stress free as possible. As a designated Registered Relocation Specialist we will go the extra mile to make sure you are able to find exactly what you are looking for in your next home. The added benefit of Heather having a team is that we can ensure that no matter what we can look after you completely during your HHT.

Making Your House Hunting Trip Smooth & Successful

When you are posted in or out of CFB Borden you can contact Heather by phone (Call or Text), email, or fill out the form at the bottom of this page about your need for her Real Estate expertise and services. Once contact has been made, Heather will contact you by phone or by email to determine what you need and what you want in your new home. She will work with you, exclusively, on your House Hunting Trip so you receive the assistance you require to find your new home

Bring the contact information for your lender (phone, fax and email) or if you are in need of a local mortgage broker, please contact your Real Estate Agent for suggestions for local mortgage brokers/specialists. Using a local mortgage broker may be more effective if you are under time constraints to fulfill your financing conditions during the HHT and may also SAVE your money. Being Pre-Approved for a mortgage will also help you establish your financing parameters so that you are aware of the types of homes you will be able to afford.

If you want to shop for a lender on the HHT, you will need to bring along:


A valid copy of your posting message


A copy of your most recent pay stub/statement showing all of your deductions and entitlements


Proof of down payment. This proof could be a current statement of your bank account, statement of your RRSP funds, Term Deposit, Mutual Funds or some other form of investment.


If you are using equity from your current home for your down payment, bring a copy of the most up to date mortgage statement showing the balance outstanding, the term, monthly payments, interest rates and any additional information. If your current home is sold however the closing has not yet occurred, make sure to bring a copy of the Agreement of Sale including any waivers, notice of fulfillment of conditions and amendments for the property.


If you have any current debt such car loans, line of credits, make sure to bring a statement of any money left owing on the items and the prepayment schedules and rates.

Checklist For A Successful House Hunting Trip


Send your Real Estate Agent that you have been referred to or chosen for your move to CFB Borden that is IRP/DND approved, the list of MLS numbers of the homes you want to visit prior to arrival. This will give your Real Estate Agent a chance to review and comment on the listings and get a feel for what you are searching for in your next home.


Discuss and advise with your Real Estate Agent any special requirements or medical needs that you or your family members have and all requirements you are searching for in a property.


Bring slip on shoes for easy removal when viewing properties, bring easy slip on slippers in the summer so that you do not have to walk around in your bare feet.


Bring along a video camera or a still camera to take images of the homes that you are viewing and the ones that catch your most interest so that you can review at a later time. With the time crunch on any House Hunting Trip, memories of homes tend to mesh together and so this will be a great way to keep houses separate and to keep a good reminder of likes and dislikes of a property.


Every contract of Purchase and Sale requires a deposit to be held in a Real Estate Trust Account. The standard in Simcoe County is $10,000 or more depending on the price of the home you purchase.   Over $700,000, Sellers prefer to see $20,000 and up.  Deposits are expected to be given upon 24 hrs of an accepted offer and the deposit certified cheque or bank draft or can be made via Wire Transfer or direct deposit.


If applicable, have your spouse bring their resume and see if you can find a house and a new job while on your House Hunting Trip.


Keep a short list of the top 3 homes in your mind and put the remaining homes on a “B” list or reject them altogether. Write down notes of the pros and cons that you found for these properties and book a second viewing to see which home will better suit your needs and those of your family.


Ask your Real Estate Agent for a list of local lawyers, inspectors and other professionals for the purchase of your new property.

If you are relocating out of CFB Borden, Heather will:

Make sure to refer you to a reputable Realtor in your target city that will work to our standards to find you a new home.

Prepare a Comparative Market Analysis or Letter of Opinion to determine the current value of your home.

Ensure that your listing gets the maximum exposure through various marketing venues

Provide you with a list of the team of preferred professionals that the team works with

Negotiate an Agreement of Purchase and Sale

Communicate with you during the entire sale process

Keep in touch with you through newsletter, regular mailings as well weekly market updates

HHT Guarantee

After receiving your posting message to CFB Borden or out of CFB Borden, contact your IRP/DND Approved Brookfield Relocation Real Estate agent.

Once you have your house hunting trip schedule, I guarantee I will be available for you during the entire week for your HHT. I am very aware of the stresses and the pressure you are under while having only 1 week to find your new home. I have worked with many military members of the last few years and being raised in a family with two military parents and a common trend I have heard about client’s prior HHT with other agents is the agent was not able to be at their disposal causing additional stress.

Working with me as your Brookfield Relocation Real Estate Agent at CFB Borden, you will see as many homes as you wish to see in the first few days so you will be able to hopefully make some decisions within two or three days. After negotiating a home purchase, I will assist in organizing all the follow up that is required concerning inspections, lawyers, mortgage financing, insurance, etc. In addition, prior to your move, I will supply you with the details to the local schools & amenities.

My goal during your HHT is to make sure you go home having had a successful and relatively stress-free house hunting trip and that you are confident with your purchase. I encourage you to ask me all the questions you can so that you can see I know what I’m doing and I will be able to help you.

Since working with many military members posting across Canada and the power of the RE/MAX network, I have a list of agents to whom I can refer you to so that when you are posted out of CFB Borden, I will be able to offer you another real estate agent that will offer quality service to make your next HHT another success. If its real estate related, I guarantee you that I can help.