It’s a New Month! So let’s kick off this fresh start by doing a few things around the house.

Get Rid of Unwanted Clothes

☑️ Go through your winter clothes, store them, and get rid of the clothes you didn’t touch all winter. 

Test your sprinkler system

☑️ If you have a sprinkler system make sure that it’s working! If you are in the Angus/Barrie area we highly recommend Highland Irrigation

Stay for bugs/mosquitos

☑️ Ah, it’s bug season! Make sure to spray for those pesky critters to keep them out of the house and yard.

Clean your windows 

☑️ Clean your windows- because clean windows=clean mind. That’s the expression, right??

Replace the air filters 

☑️ Replace your A/C filters (This is important!)

Check on attic insulation

☑️ Get up in that attic before it gets too hot. Make sure the insulation hasn’t been torn apart by any animals, and if it has, call a professional to fix both issues!

Spruce up the front porch 

☑️ The front porch/front of the house is the first thing people see, so add some flowers, a bench- anything to make it more colorful!