You have heard it before, “the kitchen is the heart of the home” or “the kitchen is the most important part of the home” but what about our master bedroom?

You may’ve not given this very important space the attention it deserves. After all, it’s easy to neglect a room that only we see. But what if I give you a little nudge to change your perspective.

The feel of a master bedroom is so important. This is the space where you first open your eyes in the morning and where you put your final thoughts of the day to rest. Having a space that feels soothing and comfortable might just be the missing piece to your zen life!

Let’s have a look at 7 things every master bedroom needs!


#1: Walls That Pop

A designer bedroom can come in every hue, from dramatic charcoals to restful blues. But here is something that basically all of them have in common, A focal wall behind the bed. There are so many ways to create this look. It can be as simple as painting it in an accent colour or using wallpaper create a dramatic look. But the possibilities don’t end there: Think a dramatic painted pattern, a reclaimed wood feature wall, or even just a statement art piece over the bed. 


#2: A Dramatic Headboard

While we are on the topic of focal points, let’s talk headboards! We have come such a long way from the traditional looking headboards of our parents day! Now, an oversized headboard can do double-duty as a functional piece and be the centre of attention. It’s not just about looks: An upholstered headboard provides a soft backdrop for reading or watching TV in bed. Don’t worry if you can’t spring for a designer version; you can easily DIY one that’s just as chic or shop at affordable locations which now offer this trendy look for a decent price point.


#3: A Cozy Foundation

Did you know that on average, we spend a third of our lives in bed? This makes the mattress a home’s most-used furniture piece! Because one person’s “too soft” or “too firm” is another person’s “perfect!,” taking potential matresses for a test drive before you buy is key. Find the most comfortable matress in the store, then try it out for 10-15 minutes to make sure you still love it.


#4: Plush Bedding

Now that the hard work is done and you’ve found the perfect mattress, top it with bedding you’ll love, too! If you can, this is a great place to splurge: You’re spending every night here, remember? When selecting cotton sheets, a higher thread count offers a softer feel and more durable wear, and won’t fuzz or pill. To test before you buy, hold the sheets up to the light; light will not shine through a high-thread-count-sheet. Another test? Scratch the sheet with your fingernail to see if any pill comes off. If so, it’s a lesser-quality version. To top your sheets, down filling is the gold standard: Down or down-alternative comforters keep you warm while being lofty and lightweight. And don’t forget decorative throw pillows!


#5: Something Soft Underfoot

When you peek your toes out of bed in the morning, you want something soft to land on. Even in rooms with carpeting, though, an area rug under the bed adds another layer of pattern and helps give the space a finished look.



#6: Dramatic Lighting

Lighting brings the drama, and in the bedroom, it’s all about levels. An overhead pendant offers a bright light and a focal point, while smaller bedside lamps provide lower light as the evening winds down. Consider installing dimmers on overhead lights to further customize the look of your lighting. 



#7: The Finishing Touches

After the real essentials are in place, the little details are what give your space a real designer look. Outfit the room with a tea or coffee station, a reading nook, family photos, fresh flowers or art you love — whatever makes you start and end the day on a positive (and restful) note.