Regardless if you are talking about buying a home, purchasing a car or just going out for dinner, people are always looking for “deals”. When it comes to real estate, it is often a case of ‘what you see is what you get’, however there are opportunities to get a good deal if you are willing to look hard enough.

One of the most detrimental things a seller can be faced with when putting their house on the market is the issue of cosmetics. Let me explain. In real estate (as in life), first impressions are very important. I have seen many homes stay on the market for far too long and have difficulty in selling due to simple cosmetic issues. If potential buyers are able to see past any cosmetic issues, there is the opportunity to get a “deal” when buying a house.

The simplest example of this is paint. Yes, paint. I have seen many houses go on the market that have bold, unusual or contrasting paint colours throughout the house. This can be extremely ‘off-putting’ for some potential buyers. As a result, the number of interested parties can be greatly reduced. As a potential buyer, if you are willing to look past the fact that a house has colour schemes that do not match your personal taste, you could be in a better position to take advantage of this.

More and more potential buyers are looking for a home that is “move-in ready”. In other words, they simply want to take possession and move right into the home with no work to be done to the house at all. If you are willing to take the time to paint the rooms before you move in, you will be in a great position. I have seen many homes deal with very little activity due to the fact that the photos show the rooms in a poor light due to the current colour schemes. It may be hard to believe but a great deal of potential buyers cannot see past the fact that a lime green bedroom can in fact be remedied with a simple can of paint (or 2).

If you are willing to do a little cometic work (or pay someone else to do it), then looking for deals in real estate might just be for you.