Heather and I can be very much one in the same. Our core values are in sync and or vision for work is on point. It’s often very surprising to some that meet us and come to realize that we are at very different stages in our lives even though we are the same age!

I have been with my husband for 15 years and we have 3 kids. The past 11 years of our live together we have been living that “parenting life” and it’s just recently have we noticed that life is getting a little bit more relaxed for us.

Heather, who in January got married (Congrats again friend!) has been with her hubby for 8 years and they have no kiddos yet! They have been spending their time travelling and living their best life! Lucky!!

Regardless of the fact that both Heather and I are in two very different stages of our lives, we both have so much to look forward to once life gets back to normal, post Covid-19.

Yes!! We both have been affected by the restrictions Covid-19 has brought and life for us, like many Canadians just hasn’t been the same.

Today we will be sharing with you some of the things we cannot wait to do once restrictions get lifted and life begins to go back to normal.


Barrie Colts Games – Our Local OHL Team


The Barrie Colts Season was cut short due to Covid-19, but I am excited to see them start up back again in the Fall.   It was sad not to see how far they could have gone in the playoffs but next year will be a new beginning and we will get to see a slew of new players as well.  You never know how the Colts will do, but its always been a great date night with my husband, almost every Thursday & Saturday evening.

The BMC, renamed to the Sadlon Centre, is located just off Mapleview, minutes to many great restaurants, and the ticket prices are very affordable! I believe they are around 28$ per seat.

Barrie BayCats Baseball Team


The Barrie Baycats are an IBL (intercounty Baseball League) and they are a force to be reckoned with.  They have won the Championship for the 6th year in a row! They made the 6-pete.

Going out for a great, fun, eventful ballgame is a great afternoon or evening to watch the local boys play and for a great price.  Adults are just 10$ and kids at 8$ however they do offer various packages.  The Barrie Baycats home games are played Coates Stadium which is a 1,500-seat baseball park at the Barrie Community Sports Complex. This is just 5 minutes just outside of Barrie off of Nursey Road & Highway 26.

It’s a great afternoon to stay local, go out with some friends, let the kids play, the adults enjoy some outdoor fun, cheering on the team, & enjoying a beverage or two.

My husband & I only attend a few games a year, but they are always an absolute fun time.


Patio Season With Friends

My husband & I are quite the busy body, between work, playing on various hockey teams (never together though lol) that when we have time, we like to go out together, or separately with our friends and enjoy a nice patio on a hot summers day & enjoy a drink, a delicious meal & good company with friends.

Downtown Barrie offers many great restaurants with patios, whether you favor the Rooftop at Hooligans (https://hooligansrestaurant.ca/), the beautiful waterviews from The Farmhouse (https://thefarmhouse.ca/) or Hooters (https://www.hooters.to/barrie), or if you don’t want to be downtown, we like to favor some of the great patios in South Barrie at Lonestar (https://lonestartexasgrill.com/), Jack Astors (https://jackastors.com/), Urban Dish (https://urbandish.ca/ or Barnstormers (https://barnstormerbrewing.com/)  to name a few.

Barrie has such a great wide variety of restaurants & patios that there is always somewhere to go to hang out and catch up with friends.

I am truly excited to be able to visit with friends and support our local businesses.


Visit Our Local Park

As the weather is getting warmer, my kids cannot wait till we are able to visit our local park. This may seem like such a small thing but to us it’s huge. We live in a very close nit community and going to the park for us was a daily ritual. In the 5th Line subdivision community we have two parks we can use. One on Greenwood Dr and one on Mike Hart Dr. These parks are a place where kids get to run around, burn off energy, interact with their school friends in a more relaxing environment and where parents get to have conversations that build on everlasting friendships.

Berry Picking at Barrie Hill Farms


One of the things our family loves to do every year is berry picking at Barrie Hill Farms. We cannot wait for this to open up so we can head to the farm to pick some delicious strawberries and make some homemade jam. We know this year, the experience might be a little different then in past years, but being able to have the experience in general will be a great feeling.

Cottage Season in Muskoka

Cottage season is around the corner and my family and I are very lucky to have a family cottage we can go and visit whenever we want. Understandably so, it has been recommended that cottagers stay home and avoid visiting cottages until things surrounding Covid-19 settle down. This is one the things our family can’t wait to be able to do. The memories we make every year there are everlasting and who doesn’t want to spend their summer by the lake!? Am I right! If you haven’t discovered all the amazing things Muskoka has to offer, visit  https://www.discovermuskoka.ca for more information!

Slowly, we are beginning to see a shift in restrictions in Ontario. Taking a cautious approach, the province is putting into place a plan to reopen our economy and allow people a slow return to living life outside our home walls.

Throughout this whole process, we have both learned that patience is key to keeping an overall state of sanity and maintaining communication with family and friends is vital for our overall happiness.

We hope you guys are staying healthy and safe friends! xo