We all know nothing screams fall like wrapping yourself in a cozy throw or snuggling up to an extra-comfy pillow (except maybe pumpkin spice lattes). So to get you excited for the season — and to get your autumn decorating gears into motion — we rounded up some fun fall accessories that are sure to make your home the coziest one on the block.

When we think of fall, we think of ways to warm up interiors for the colder months ahead. With kids being back to school, families planning for the holidays and the eventual return to colder weather, all we want is to snuggle down and make the most of being at home.

Swapping out decor from season to season is easy if you plan well. There are plenty of small decor tricks and addons that will make a big difference – and we’re not talking about pumpkin spice potpourri and leaves. Think warm stylish accessories that give your home a fall refresh that will make your space stand out in the best of ways.

The result? A seasonal-inspired space that is inspiring, modern and on trend without a total re-design

Pillow Talk

It’s no secret that we are just a little obsessed with pillows! You all have pillow closets in your house right?

To get an instant fall feeling, swap out your light and bright summer pillows for their warmer, cosier companions. We’re loving boho-inspired macrame cushions to add incredible texture to living and bedrooms. For the ultimate warm and snuggly touch, faux fur cushions set the mood perfectly.



Layer Blankets and Throws

Some call it sweater weather. We call fall, blanket weather.

When the weather turns a little cooler, we’re all scrambling for blankets to cosy up on the couch with. This season we’re loving hygge-inspired soft textured throw blankets in pastel hues and faux fur throws. Layer blankets with pillows or toss on a chair, sofa or bed. Use more than one. Mix it up. Keep patterns and colours simple and neutral to fit into any space.


Swap in new poufs and stools

Most of us don’t want to swap out all of our furniture for the season but we can easily add in poufs and stools to create a warm, textured look in an instant.

Jute, macrame and wool fibers are the ideal fall textures. Plus, poufs and stools will give your home all the extra seating it will for the upcoming holiday season!


Back to Nature

If summer is about everything light and airy, fall is about warmth and character.

One of the easiest ways to bring nature into the home is with live-edge tables, benches and stools. The all-natural yet ever so stylish feel of wood and live-edge decor gives off the perfect autumn charm without going too rustic. The look is artful, statement making and organic and you simply can’t go wrong with that.