latest décor trendsIf you’re moving into a new house this spring then you’ll have an opportunity for a fresh start when it comes to designing your home. Check out some of the following decor trends that are popular with homeowners this year for some inspiration:
Natural elements – The amount of tech that has been introduced in our lives over the past few years has been astonishing, to the point where almost every living room is filled with phones, laptops, tablets, cables, chargers, remotes and much more. It’s no surprise that many people are introducing more natural elements to their home’s decor to offset how much their tech has taken over their decor. Natural elements include the use of houseplants, stone, granite and concrete.
Floral patterns – Floral patterns tend to go in and out of style. However, the use of floral patterns as a way to add visual interest and strengthen focal points is expected to take off this year. They are particularly effective in adding contrast to areas with more minimal designs. Additionally, they are another way to add a more natural feel to the interior.
Old-fashioned furniture designs – Furniture designs that were popular decades ago, such as couches with curves and designed with velvet, are starting to make a comeback. For a while, such designs were seen as old-fashioned, but homeowners are beginning to realize that they can be used to add a touch of luxury and visual interest to their interior design.
Copper and brass accents – When it comes to metals, copper and brass tend to provide a warmer, softer feeling than other types. Brass faucets and fixtures are becoming a popular alternative to stainless steel fixtures, while copper has a surprisingly organic feel to it.
Vintage lighting – While exposed lighting has been popular over the past few years, vintage pendants and sconces are starting to see a return to popularity, especially those that boast brass and copper finishes.
Farmhouse sinks – Farmhouse-style sinks, or bucket sinks as they’re often referred to, have a much bigger visual impact than traditional sinks, especially when used in the bathroom space. They’re also more functional than the smaller, sectioned sinks often used in the kitchen since you can fit pots and pans of any size inside.
Black and white contrast – The use of black and white furniture and decor elements helps to create a bold contrast without disrupting the harmony of your space or overwhelming your senses. This delicate balance is hard to achieve with other types of designs, which is one of the reasons why the use of black and white in interior designs has been popular for years and is expected to remain popular throughout the upcoming year.
Moving into a new house will give you the chance to implement a fresh new interior design. These are a few current decor trends that you might want to keep in mind as you go about designing and decorating your new home.