Moisture Alert! Mould Alert!

There is nothing more annoying or alarming them seeing moisture building up in and around your windows. During the winter, we add humidity to our homes to balance the cold and dry air. But too much humidity can result in moisture condensing on windows and on poorly insulated walls. Here is the issue with moisture … Mould loves moisture! But, here are a few things you can do to prevent the worst from happening.

Check for condensation on cool exterior walls. For instance, be sure clothes, or dry cleaning still in plastic bags, are moved away from closet walls where condensation can occur. Because it’s right there that’s an ideal place for trapped moisture to promote unseen mould growth. 

Fans improve air circulation. They keep moisture from settling on a surface and help avoid a stale-air environment that can promote the growth and spread of mould. A dehumidifier is also an amazing investment to help reduce moisture!