It’s one of the most special feelings you can get. Part of the reason many agents, like myself, love this job. That feeling of searching for homes with clients. Sometimes you see dozens of homes, hopefully not hundreds, Sometimes you get frustrated and aren’t sure its going to happen. That makes the wait even better.
Nothing can beat that feeling of finding the right home. Picking up the phone or showing up at their house and telling them they got the house. It’s one of the most pure moments of joy in someones life outside of children being born. 
Whether its someones first time buying a home or the tenth, its an incredible feeling that is impossible to replicate. Going from living with your parents, renting a place, or even moving out of a home that doesn’t work for you anymore. Finding that right place where you’re going to spend a large portion of your life is incredible.
Maybe its the place you’re going to propose to your significant other in, its the place your kid takes their first step or gets picked up to go to prom. A house is so much more than just a collection of walls, floors, and a roof. It’s the backdrop for your entire life.
That’s what the excitement is for. Its for the anticipation of everything that is to come. For everything I just talked about, that’s one of my favourite parts of the job. No matter how bad a day in real estate might get, it all goes away when you get to bring the good news. 
I want to hear your stories. Where were you when you bought your first home? Have you bought other homes since then and how did it compare? Yo can share them in the comments, over on Facebook, or even email me at