When someone reaches out to a real estate agent with a question it usually means that its the same question that others have too. This is why I do these posts from time to time about questions received from clients. Recently I was asked “I want to sell my home in Barrie, what’s the first step?”. Knowing what to do is important. Some people tend to overcomplicate the process.
Some may give you different answers on this topic. Some will advise repainting colours to neutral, doing some landscaping, or a ton of other options. In reality though the first step is quite simple. When you want to sell your home you should start by getting in touch with a real estate agent. Maybe you don’t need to do any work at all, maybe it makes sense to do minor or even big renovations.
Your situation is going to be unique to you. With so many variables that could affect the price of your home, its marketability, your timeline, and more its important to speak to someone who can help you figure out the right plan. Keep in mind you don’t have to call just one agent either. You are well within your right to call and interview multiple to see who you think will be the best fit for you. Get multiple opinions on what you need to do to get your home sold.
Selling your home can be stressful. Engaging with someone who has done it hundreds of times will help you navigate the process as stress free as possible. The real estate agent you hire to sell your home will help you come up with the right plan. Showing you what you need to do. Don’t underestimate the experience of an agent.
The added benefit of contacting a real estate agent is they may have buyers looking already. Especially with the current market in Barrie. Right now homes are selling really fast. Buyers are desperate waiting for homes to come on the market. I know we have several right now looking for a home to buy but nothing is available that they are looking for. So if you contact a real estate about about selling your home in Barrie they may be able to save you the hassle of even officially listing it for sale. 
So the first step of putting your home up for sale should be to contact a real estate agent. They’ll help you figure out how to get it ready, they’ll help you determine a price, and potentially already have a buyer willing to buy it.