If your house has been feeling like it’s stuck back in the early 2000’s and is in need of some revamping then this blog post is for you!

So how much work is taking your outdated home and making it feel current and modern? Today, we are sharing some quick fixes that can be done as well as some that may require a bit more work but the end result will be STUNNING! Plus, when it comes to sell you’ll have no problem getting top dollar!

Upgrade Fixtures & Appliances

Outdate appliances and fixtures stick out like a sore thumb. If it’s in your budget, try swapping these out for updated ones.

Update Your Rugs… It’s time!

If you still have rugs that look like they were used in the Victorian era, it’s time to switch them out. Try swapping them out for more modern carpets.

Ditch the Outdated Lighting, NO more yellow!

Yellow dim lighting? Never heard of her! Brighten up the space with warm white lighting for an inviting feel

Paint Over the Old Colour

You can’t go wrong with light neutral colours, especially if your home is currently painted with dark tones.

Replace Bathroom Vanities

Chaining up your bathroom vanities is a quick fix and will be attractive to future buyers when it comes time to sell.

Open Up the Space (if you can)

If you want to achieve a modern look, opening up a space can help tremendously. If you can, try starting out with the kitchen area first!