Hardwood floors are beautiful and add elegance to any room. There has been a debate on the best way to clean them and keep them looking new. Here’s how we turn floors from dull and grimy to gorgeous and shiny.

1. Dust and Sweep your floors well, removing as much dirt, dust and sand as you can.

2. Create your soap mixture using dish soap or wood floor cleaner and 4-6 cups of water.

3. Wash the floor one section at a time rinsing and wringing out the mop each time. We also recommend using a separate bucket with clean water to occasionally rinse the mop and remove any dirt that may be stuck to it.

4. As soon as you have washed a section dry it with a clean, dry mop or cloth.

When cleaning wood floors, try to use wood safe cleaner and detergents or heavily dilute dish soap. Do not mix oils or waxes into the cleaning mixture and wait for the floor to completely dry before varnishing or refinishing the floor.