setting up a home officeHome offices can help you stay productive whether you work there full-time or just when you need to tackle a tough project after hours. Use these tips to set up a home office that’s productive and pleasant to spend time in.
Get Your Desk in Order First
Your desk will likely be the epicentre of at-home office. Before you start decorating or adding non-essential elements, take the time to get your desk in an ideal spot where you won’t be hit with glare or have a hard time getting in and out of your chair. It might sound simple, but sometimes finding the ideal spot for a desk in a smaller home office is actually quite tricky.
Set up your desk and try to live with it for a day or two before adding other items. You might find that your perfect spot wasn’t so perfect after all.
Focus on Storage
Home offices are often littered with paperwork and items that don’t have a home. Over time, those papers, staplers, rubber bands, paper clips and all of the other items you need once in a while can take over.
Focus on finding a permanent home for everything in your office after you get your desk in place.
Leave Open Space
It’s easy to design a home office where every corner and nook is stuffed with electronics and furniture designed to make you more productive. Unfortunately, when you set your space up like this, you don’t allow for any change in your routine or a task that not part of your typical work day.
Design your home office with day-to-day productivity in mind, but leave a little bit of your workspace open so you can shift gears without rearranging your whole environment. For most people, an area big enough to draft a hand-written letter is enough.
Include Personal Items
All work and no play, well, you know the saying by now. Having a home office might mean that your family will be very close to you a lot of the time, but even at-home workspaces need personal décor.
Add pictures of your family, souvenirs from trips or just decorative items you like looking at. You’ll enjoy spending time in your office more, which will in turn make you more productive. After all, an office you dread entering isn’t very productive at all.
Warm Up Your Office
An office that consists of a desk, file cabinet and a chair isn’t very exciting. You also can’t really have anybody work alongside you or even sit in the same room with you. Add accessories and furniture like rugs and small occasional chairs to make your office feel more finished.
A home office may not have all the frills of a corporate space, but it doesn’t have to be a bare-bones room either.
Make the most of your time spent at home working by setting up a smart home office. That way you can get back to enjoying free time with your family!