You may have noticed that my website name changed. I wanted to set up a website that fit my personality a little more and really wasn’t my personality! Now we bought and switched the site over to 
If you go to my old site it will bring you to the new one. This is where we will be doing everything. Over the next few months a lot will be changing behind the scenes as I invested in new systems to improve the services I offer clients. This will mean that everything from communication to the actual marketing of properties will improve. It’s going to be a big change going forward and I’m excited about it!
The Barrie real estate market and real estate in general is fast moving. It constantly evolves and I want to be leading the way so that my clients get the best service possible every time. That’s the goal. My business will only improve if my clients get the best service. There is no better way to build a long term business than consistently providing top level service.
A lot of the changes will be in the back end. It’s not the “sexy” stuff. In fact, as a client, or future client, you will only  notice a few of the things. What it will do is free up a lot more of my time so I can help you more. That’s the part you’ll notice. I’ll be able to spend more time delivering the service you have to expect and deserve.
Stay tuned for what will be some exciting changes all delivered around providing more and better service. It’s an investment for the future. Always looking forward to stay ahead of the curve! If you want to sit down and talk about your future in regards to real estate just ask.