Do you work on Base and just received your Base Borden Military Relocation message? Posting seasons is shortly upon us! Getting that message stating it is time to sell your home in Angus, Borden, Barrie, New Lowell or surrounding area and you are being posted to another base or another city. Heather Beauchesne is your REMAX Real Estate Agent that is Brookfield Relocation Approved ( IRP/DND Approved Supplier).
Heather was raised in a family filled with military personnel. Both of her parents, her uncle, cousin, brother in law and grandfather have all been or currently are serving our country. Heather is very proud of her family and her military clients & friends.
Heather has been thru many military postings thanks to her parents and she is very aware of the stresses that come with your House Hunting Trip (HHT), especially with ones that involve children. Heather enjoys working closely with her purchasers as well as home sellers.
Here are just some of the ways Heather Beauchesne, Your IRP/DND Approved Brookfield Supplier will help you with your move:
Heather will ensure availability as she know you have an incredibly limited your time is to find a home and a have a firm deal prior to leaving
Heather knows the forms for the integrated relocation program and will ensure paperwork is sent to your counselor in a timely fashion.
Heather will help you find the best building inspectors, the best bankers, the best lawyers, and any other associated professionals you require that are all approved suppliers from Brookfield IRP/DND Approved Supplier list.
Heather will organize any appointments required for home viewings, inspections and so forth
Heather know the schools and amenities in and around Base Borden & Barrie & surrounding areas.
Heather possess a wealth of knowledge, and can negotiate in your best interests.
Heather will provide solds in the area you wish to buy so you know the history of the neighborhood.
Heather can help you find the best, and most conveniently located, hotel on your list.
Heather will send you listings via email before you even get here so that you are completely up-to-date on what is for sale in this area and discuss your needs prior to arrival of course.
Heather can send you maps, newspapers, and any other information you may want.
Heather”s goal is to send you home having had a successful and relatively stress-free house hunting trip so that you will tell others, and that she will be your real estate agents for life!