The days may still feel warm but before we know it, the temperature will drop and the flurries will fall. There is no better time to start thinking about getting your home ready for those cold Winter days then now.

Before Winter’s Freeze

With the soon-to-be changing colours of Autumn leaves now’s the time to get ready for the coming cold. Trying to fix or patch in freezing, snowy weather is more expensive and may not even be possible. Some fixes may be DIY, for others you may want to call in a professional.

1. Foundation: Check that water isn’t pooling at the walls. If it is, add soil and slope so water drains away from the house.

2. Eavestroughs: Clean and check drainage. Proper water runoff is important when it’s warm, but it’s critical in freezing weather to prevent ice dams. Water backing-up onto the roof can seep under the shingles then leak into the house. And be sure the downspouts are pointing away from the foundation.

3. Driveway & Patio: Fill cracks and dips.

4. Yard: Check and secure the gate latch.

– Fix bald spots in the lawn. Sow grass seed during the wet cool weather.

– Turn off outside taps from the inside shut-off then open the outside spigot – to drain excess water out of the pipe.

– Prevent slips by adding grip-tape to deck stairs.

5. Caulk & Weather Seal: Look for air leaks and gaps where a cold draft, water, or critters could be making their way into your home.

6. Roof: Look for cracks in the caulking around the flashing and seal them.

– Replace damaged or missing shingles.

– Check the seal around the skylight.

– Check the rubber membrane around the plumbing vent stack. It’s an area where extra attention to sealing can prevent a significant leak.