There are terabytes of garden info on the Internet. But every once in a while, you’ll come across an old gardening book at a book sale or garage sale. Listen to us, don’t dismiss that book just because it’s a few years old. Basic garden information is always valuable, and it’s good to have easy-to-access reference books when you’re planning a “garden renovation.”

Before you begin digging, think about:
• Is the garden for fresh veggies, as a play area, or for relaxation?
• How much time do you want to devote to upkeep?
• Do you want perennial blooms throughout the season or will you want to add annuals to change the texture and colour of your outdoor space?

Some people choose not to have a traditional flower garden, but instead, want to create a serene and relaxing outdoor oasis – shrubs, rock gardens, even adding a water garden feature.

You may want to consider a space for younger gardeners to experiment or create raised beds, even wheelchair height, to make gardening accessible for everyone.

Container gardening is also catching on. Today, there are bush cucumbers meant specifically for containers. And tomato plants developed for growing on a patio in a large pot.