Let’s talk gardening! If you think you have missed the boat to get your veggie and herb garden going for the season, think again! There is still plenty of time to get those veggies in the ground and get your very own crop going for the season.

It’s really not that difficult to grow your own veggies and fruits and you really just need a few things to make it happen; a good location, nourishing soil, water and patience.

If you didn’t get your seeds down back at the beginning of the spring season, don’t worry! There are plenty of locations that offer already started fruits and veggies that you can easily transfer onto a pot or garden bed. Often, the pricing is not too bad and really the hard work of getting the seeds to take has already been done for you!

Some of my favourite places to visit to get all my gardening needs are Garden Gallery on Hwy 90, Canadian Tire, Lowe’s, Zehrs and Carr Excavating.


For the longest time, I planted all my fruits and veggies in pots! It’s amazing how easy and versatile planting in pots can be! It allows you to move your plants around to get a good feel for where the best place in your yard is to grow your crops. When buying pots, try and get some with drainage holes or ones that you can make drainage holes. This is very important so your plants don’t end up with root rot! This year, we had some extra time at home so we were finally able to put down a garden bed!



Whether you are doing pots or garden bed, some of my summer essentials for the garden are lettuce, kale, cucumbers, peppers (sweet and spicy), peas, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower. Every year I also grow onions, garlic, and all the herbs you may need for the summer season for cooking or for drinks – don’t forget about the fresh mint for the mojitos! That’s very important!


A few key points to keep your garden going all season long. Read up on what you’re planting! Find out what kind of light exposure it needs, the diameter it needs to grow, and most importantly – how to prune them! You want to make sure you are taking from your veggies in a way that helps promote new growth. Make sure you are feeding your plants with water every single day! The summer heat can dry out soil very quickly, specially in a pot and you want to make sure that your plants get all the water they need to grow! Lastly, find out if any of your veggie or fruits will come back next year. Remember to keep in mind our winter weather and see if there are tips on how to protect your crops during those winter months!




– Milly