We have an announcement!

The Hearth & Home Team is excited for our upcoming launch of a Facebook group page specifically for First Home Buyers & First Time Home Sellers.

This group will be launching by the end of September & we strive to offer a lot of great knowledge and content to help those who are thinking of getting in to the real estate market, or people who are looking at transitioning from their first home to their new house.

This facebook group will be open to the public shortly but if you have any questions about buying or selling that you would like for us to touch on, please send us an email at Info@HearthHomeTeam.com or on our Facebook Page @HearthHomeTeam and send us a DM.

Buying your first home can be overwhelming but with the right tools and knowledge, we hope to help you make for an enjoyable time finding the right home & answering all the questions & concerns you may have.