light fixturesChanging the look and feel of your home can be a big project that costs thousands upon thousands of dollars. While big renovations can be costly, there are some easy room updates out there that make a dramatic difference.
Adding, updating or changing your lighting fixtures is one of the home improvements that can make a big difference on a moderate budget. Use this guide to learn more about how lighting fixtures add to the style and charm of your home.
Add Sconces
Wall sconces will never be your main source of light for a room. What they can bring to the table is a sense of style and refined elegance that you can’t get from overhead lighting, floor lamps or table lamps.
Add wall sconces to areas like living rooms, dens, entry areas, hallways and master bedrooms. Modern metal styles, art-deco inspired bronze options and traditional wired  candelabra styles can all fit depending on the type of home you have.
Replace Old Can Lights
Overhead can lights used to be a popular, contemporary addition to many homes. Today, they look a bit dated at best. In the worst case scenario, they make your home look dingy, dirty and like everything in the room needs a makeover.
Switching to recessed lighting or dome lights is a smart upgrade, but it can be a more expensive project. Simply replacing your old can lights with new clean ones will make your home feel fresher. You also have the option of choosing a smaller, less obvious fixture size.
Don’t want to replace your old can lights? Consider having them painted with a sprayer. Just make sure the paint used is appropriate for lighting fixtures that can heat up quickly.
Use Back Lighting
Decorative items like potted trees and pieces of art can make your décor and every room in your home more visually exciting and stimulating. They’ll have even more impact in your home when you use back lighting to display them.
Small, plug-in up-lights are an ideal choice for back lighting objects like plants and art pieces since they can be hidden from view even while they’re in use. Look for up-lights that are on a dimmer switch so you can control the look of your room.
Expose Your Bulbs
Some light fixtures, particularly those in bathrooms and over dining tables, have exposed bulb housings. Switching to exposed filament bulbs, sometimes called Edison bulbs, can give your room a much more dramatic style.
Exposed filament bulbs tend to cost a few dollars more than their regular counterparts, but they can make an obvious improvement when used over a vanity or in a modern, traditional or transitional chandelier.
Improving your home’s style doesn’t have to mean starting from scratch. Little things like lighting fixtures can make a huge difference without you spending a ton of money. Take advantage of these tips and you’ll see a positive change right away!