easy kitchen updatesMost people spend a ton of time with their families in the kitchen even if they aren’t gourmet chefs trying out new recipes every night of the week. The fact is that where the food is tends to be where the people are.
Updating your kitchen can cost an arm and a leg, but you don’t have to spend all of your savings to make significant changes. Use these tips to spruce up your kitchen quickly and easily!
Put Appliances Away
Kitchen counters are lined with coffee makers, toasters, microwaves and all sorts of appliances. While you may not be able to hide the microwave, putting small items away can help keep your kitchen clutter-free, which will make it feel like a brand new space.
Keeping your kitchen ultra-tidy is free, too.
Swap Out Your Hardware
Cabinet and drawer hardware plays a pivotal role in how your kitchen looks. Swap out the old stuff for something new and more modern to make a big splash without splurging on new cabinets.
If modern isn’t your style, look for vintage or antique hardware. It’s often cost-effective for more traditional homes as well.
Add a Rug
Standing in front of the stove on a hard floor can get tiresome if you love to cook. Adding a rug can soften the impact while bringing a touch of new color or a special pattern to your kitchen that wasn’t there before.
Look for small rugs that can be easily cleaned. Some kitchen rugs can even go right in the washing machine. That might not seem important now, but the first time a piece of food hits your rug you’ll be glad you went with a machine-washable option.
Hang Art
Art is a decorative item you see in just about every home. Once you enter the kitchen though, it seems like art lovers just stop caring about their favourite pieces! While there are some unique considerations in a kitchen that sees a lot of use, you can still hang art you like to make the space more personal.
Items like framed posters, vintage signs and more all work well in kitchens. Look for items that can be quickly wiped down if they get spotted with oil or splashed with grease. Avoid porous materials like framed canvas paintings in the kitchen.
You’re going to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so why not create a space you absolutely love? Use these basic tips to make the most of your existing kitchen without going the process of a renovation or redesign.
You’ll save money and breathe new life into your home in the process.