donate what you're done withA home is a place to lay your head and make valuable memories with friends and family. It’s also the place where you keep all of you stuff! Over time, the possessions you accumulate can take hold of your house and leave you feeling like there’s not a bit of room left in any corner or closet.
While it can be hard to get rid of things that have sentimental value, donating items that you don’t use anymore and are not attached to can clear precious space in your home.
Maybe it’s time to consider donating items you don’t need so others can enjoy them while you get a little breathing room in your home.
Do I Really Need This?
Figuring out when to get rid of something is a difficult prospect for a lot of people. The fact is that if you’ve paid good money for something you felt like you needed or wanted it – at least at the time you bought it. That can put a mental roadblock in the way when it comes to clearing your home of things you no longer use.
A good test is to figure out whether or not you’ve reached for an item in the last six months to one year. If not, there’s a good chance that it’s no longer too valuable to you. If it doesn’t have any financial value, donating it can clear clutter in your home and let somebody who wants or needs your item use it.
Furniture and Large Items
Old dressers, bed frames, mattresses and other pieces of furniture you’re not using can eat up all of your home’s free space. For these items, organizations like the Salvation Army are your best bet since they take usable furniture. Many like organizations will also pick up your furniture free of charge when it is donated.
Clothing is something most of us accumulate quite a bit of over time. Whether your style has changed or just your body shape, it’s not uncommon to have a half-dozen shirts, jackets or outfits in your closet that you don’t wear.
Giving clothing to local charities and groups like the Salvation Army is easy and rewarding for many people. Another option is to give to a local clothing drive in your area that will help give your garments to area residents who are in need.
You can donate clothing from every member of your family all at once too.
Books are full of information and they look great on your shelves. If you’re an avid reader though, you can end up feeling like you’re living in a disorganized library very quickly.
If you’ve got too many books, consider contacting your local library to see if they take donations. Most do and they always need books on subjects ranging from accounting to fiction and non-fiction.
Keeping your home clean is about more than just doing laundry and dusting. Donate what you don’t need and make space to enjoy your home.